This vegan food-tasting job pays £50K

The company received more than 1,000 applications for the role within the first week

If you are bored with your current job and dream of being able to travel the world and indulge your passion for amazing food, this job advertised by UK plant-based business, Vibrant Vegan Co, might sound like the dream job.

The catch? People from all over the world agree. The company received more than 1,000 applications for the role within the first week.

Vibrant Vegan Co is the brainchild of Iain Burke-Hamilton. It is a social enterprise which works closely with the War Child charity to tackle child hunger in global war zones. The business side of this enterprise is a plant-based food subscription service.

Their focus is on consumers with a social conscience who want access to convenient vegan food. Iain has said that whoever is selected for the Director of Taste role will play a major part in helping this young company grow and flourish, as they help them find and source unique new ingredients for the company’s range.

So what are the recruitment criteria and skillsets needed for this amazing role? Surprisingly, perhaps, candidates don’t need to be vegan themselves. Meat eaters are welcome, although they will have to focus their appetites on plant-based food and ingredients whilst working.

However, not just anyone can apply. Applicants need to have at least three years’ experience as a chef or within the food business. Candidates that make it to the shortlist will be subject to a full background check and a rigorous interview process. They will also be asked to undertake an in-house taste test to make sure their palette makes the grade.

What can the successful recruit expect? They will need to be prepared to travel for up to four months at a time to South America, Asia and Eastern Europe. In addition to trying local cuisine in countries such as China, Chile, India, Japan and Turkey, and providing feedback to their new employers, they will be expected to set up partnerships overseas to provide reliable and sustainable sources for the new ingredients they find.

At the heart of the role is innovation and networking. Veganism and an interest in using plant-based foods in our daily diets is on the increase in the UK. The company wants to discover recipes and ingredients from around the world that will be new to UK consumers. Whoever is selected for this position could be a significant influence on the UK’s vegan ready meal market and could increase the already cosmopolitan and varied food choices available in the UK dramatically.

The 35 hour a week role has extensive perks in addition to the £50K per year salary which include full sick pay and 28 days holiday a year. In addition, the all-expenses paid trips which form a key part of the role include travel, accommodation and food.

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