Sussex police to fill hundreds of new roles

The working life of a police officer will never be dull

If you live in Sussex and always wanted to join the police force, then this could be the time to make it happen. Sussex Police are recruiting, and hoping to expand their force with hundreds of resilient and compassionate new officers.

For those who like a job with plenty of variety, working with the police could be an excellent choice as the recruitment team say that every day on the beat is different. Being an officer is a demanding role, with a diverse range of tasks requiring a broad spectrum of capabilities, especially when dealing with an equally diverse range of people.

The recruiting team are looking for people with a range of qualities, including being able to make sensible decisions on the spot, stay calm under pressure, be able to support colleagues at all times and relish challenging work. Empathy for others and the desire to help are also required. Police officers are expected to work in a partnership with the local community, to uphold the law, maintain order, and protect people along with their property.

Looking at the big picture, police officers play an incredibly important part in improving the quality of life for everyone in the community. By reducing crime and the fear of crime, police are making life safer and more enjoyable. The modern police officer will also need to be comfortable with using technology for a range of tasks, including the identification of criminals and following through with successful prosecution cases.

Some of the main priorities for the police in the UK today include curbing anti-social behaviour, combating and eliminating organised crime, and identifying and countering any sources of terrorist activity. Police officers need to possess good judgement, confidence in approaching all kinds of people and a sincere desire to support better life in the community, along with the personal strength to go out on the streets and serve the community every day of their working lives.

The working life of a police officer will never be dull. In addition to dealing with members of the local community, officers will also be working with school staff, social workers, housing authorities, health trusts and members of criminal justice system. They will be called upon to enforce the law, and give assistance to those who are trying to reduce the incidence of crime, or have suffered from criminal activity in some way.

Police also have an educational role and may be called upon to provide advice and talk to local groups. Day to day duties will include being part of a visible presence on the streets of the community, maintain peace at all kinds of public events and gatherings, and interview victims, suspects and other witnesses after a crime has been committed. Police also have to compile reports on crime and other incidents and carry out arrests when necessary while respecting the human rights and safety of everyone involved, including the officers themselves.

Among the benefits of working with the police force are training on the job, career structure and direction, along with a healthy starting salary and other benefits that will accrue with experience.

Those interested in filling these roles are asked to visit the Sussex police website for more information.

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