REVEALED: The highest paying industries for graduate schemes

You need to ensure you’re offering the right pay

Looking to make the most of the fresh, new candidates entering the job market right now? Well, according to the latest data from CV-Library, the UK’s leading independent job board, you’ll need to ensure you’re offering the right pay.

The findings, which analysed thousands of live job vacancies on the CV-Library site, found that employers in the IT, engineering and property sectors are offering pay packets that are £7k more than those in recruitment or education. In fact, the top ten industries for graduate pay include:

  • IT – £25,518.56
  • Engineering – £24,785.71
  • Property – £24,382.35
  • Consultancy – £24,250.00
  • Sales – £23,117.19
  • Marketing – £22,145.26
  • Finance – £21,916.67
  • Customer Service – £21,583.33
  • Recruitment – £20,341.46
  • Education – £18,907.69

Of the graduate jobs listed on CV-Library, the sales industry commands the highest number of listings, with a 24.2% share, followed by recruitment (15.5%), IT (12.5%), engineering (7.9%) and marketing (7.1%) making up the top five.

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, comments:

“Our research follows a recent study that we conducted on the best places to live and work in for graduates. Unsurprisingly the most skilled and technical industries that require in-depth training are offering the highest wages. With hundreds of thousands of candidates all gunning for these roles, employers will hopefully be spoilt for choice on who to shortlist.

“However, if your business fits into one of the lower-paid industries, don’t worry. There is more you can offer besides a high salary to entice candidates. Offering flexible working and a whole host of other workplace perks is a great way to make your jobs more attractive, so be sure to make good use of these!”

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