10 companies employees want to leave and 10 they want to join

50 per cent of young professionals do not see themselves working at the organisation they currently work for in the future

A study by Escape the City has found that 50% of young professionals don’t see themselves working at the company they currently work for in the future.

Half of the 1,000 Escape the City survey respondents also wished to start their own business, the main reason being that their work lacks a clear sense of purpose.

Escape the City, which aims to help young professionals leave the conventional career path, looked at their 200,000 members’ data to find the top 10 companies professionals wished to leave and join.

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Results were as follows:

Rank Company
1 Accenture
2 Ernst & Young
4 Deloitte
6 Deutsche Bank
8 Citi
9 Morgan Stanley
10 Goldman Sachs

Top 10 companies to join

Based on member data from over 200,000 professionals signed up to Escape the City

Rank Company
1 Airbnb
2 Uber
3 Virgin Galactic
4 Vita Coco
5 Pact Coffee
6 Kiva
7 Crowdcube
8 Graze
9 Tough Mudder
10 Charity Water

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