The 10 most desirable cities and countires to work in

London tops the list of cities most appealing to international job seekers

London has been voted the most desirable city in the world to work in, according to a new survey of more than 200,000 people from 189 countries by the Boston Consulting Group and totaljobs.

The top 10 cities which most appealed to international job seekers were:

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1. London

2. New York

3. Paris

4. Sydney

5. Madrid

6. Berlin

7. Barcelona


9. Singapore

10. Rome

When asked ‘which was the best country which most appealed to work in’ the top 10 countries were:

1. America

2. Britain

3. Canada

4. Germany

5. Switzerland

6. France

7. Australia

8. Spain

9. Italy

10. Sweden

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